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Zuperzozial / Kitchen Accessories / 2015

One size fits all: Stick-Up the Heat is a flexible trivet made of three identical slim elements which are connected by a string. Various trivet shapes can be generated: square, rectangular, round each as mini or maxi version, to be used as a small trivet for little pots but also as a big trivet for large casseroles. For storage it can be hung up or put together to save space.

The trivet Stick-Up the Heat has been designed for the Zuperzoial Bamboo & Corn based collection. The Bamboo & Corn based collection is made from natural materials such as bamboo and corn and is 100% biodegradable and dishwasher proof.

Stick-Up the Heat is available in the colors Carbon Black, Coconut White, Stone Grey, Powder Blue and Lollipop Pink.

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Formahouse, amazon

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